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Read More has gained enormous popularity in the last four years. It has been in the market since 2002 when NSI Holdings launched this website in the United Kingdom. Then, it was a basic matchmaking platform without any outstanding peculiarities. Everything changed in 2016 when new unique features were added to the service. The client base has grown hugely since then, and now, the site has loyal users in many countries of the world, including Europe, the US, Latin America, etc.

Who Are Cupid Members and Why Are They Here?

Compared to other platforms, doesn’t have too many user profiles. The good news is that most of those they have are active. People behind them are real and ready to communicate. Cupid chat rooms are often crowded, even though its users often have a considerable time zone difference.

Both men and women sign up to The gender ratio is more favorable to those searching for a male match because male users substantially outnumber females. Users should indicate their relationship status. They can choose from single, divorced, or widowed. However, being married is not an option with Cupid. This proves that the site encourages users to search for something more than an affair here. Even if you come to Cupid with nothing serious on your mind, you may reconsider. This is how many marriages have been arranged via this service. People want to mingle, but end up finding the love of their life.

The reasons to join are different for members of both genders. Some of them want to hook up with someone local. Others are searching for life partners in their area, around the country, or even abroad. As such, the site is not a bad option to seek a committed relationship, unlike many shallow instant matchmaking platforms out there. But if you want to have some fun with no strings attached, you can easily get it on, too. Thanks to a chatroom accessible for all users, many of them find friends of both genders to spend some time online and offline.

The site does not primarily target any particular sexual orientation. Straight, gay, and bisexual users are welcome to join.

How to Sign Up

How to Sign Up

It is very easy on! The form starts with a reminder that signing up is free, which gives you more confidence in this site. Choose your gender and the preferred gender of a potential partner. Then, proceed to a triple tick box and indicate your birthday. Think of a screen name you would like to use. It will be visible for all users, so it makes sense to choose wisely. Your real name will not be indicated. You should submit your postcode and your city of residence. After that, type in your email address, confirm that you agree with their terms and conditions, and you can start using This all will take you up to several minutes, and Cupid doesn’t require you to disclose too much personal information. So, the signing up process leaves the most positive impression. Alternatively, it is possible to log in with a Facebook account.

After this stage, you may proceed to a personality test. This will take time, for sure, but it will not be wasted, especially if you want to start a serious relationship with the site’s help. Anyway, the results of this test will provide you with more compatible matches. If you don’t feel like answering personal questions today, you can postpone it for later and come back when you want to. Some members skip this stage. They deprive the internal matchmaking system of opportunity to match them up ideally, but add an element of surprise to their online dating experience. It’s up to everyone whether they want to complete this test or not.

In addition, you can use personality sliders, which are a quick and comprehensive way to reveal something new about yourself. A slider goes from 0 to 100%, describing one of your traits. Describe yourself in the given characteristics and set a slider in compliance with that.

Contacting Other Cupid Users

There are two ways of searching for other users on basic search and LikeBook. Search filters are available for non-paying members. You can base your search on one or several of them, including:

  • age,
  • the level of matching,
  • how far a user is from you or the exact place of residence,
  • when he or she was online the last time,
  • whether he or she is a new member.

Remember that free search will not show you users who have a safe mode on. The results you get are rather explicit. Below a user’s photo, you will see their name, age, and where they come from. A badge on a user’s picture shows if they are paying members. This might be essential if you haven’t bought your subscription yet and, therefore, can’t write messages first.

As a free user, you can only wink to a person, showing them you are interested in further communication. After that, you should wait for them to contact you. Only paying members can initiate a dialogue via personal messaging by using a special perk for extra money. Chat rooms are available for both free and paid members.

The users who have updated to premium accounts can use Cupid LikeBook, search for others, and interact with them. It is similar to a ‘hot-or-not’ game but offers you more options to go with. You may like a random profile or even write a message to a user behind it. If you are not interested, just skip this profile, no hard feelings.

What Are Cupid Profiles Like?

What Are Cupid Profiles Like

The quality of profiles is one of the major reasons why so many people join Cupid and stay. There is no need to guess whether you may like a certain person because you can find out a lot about them right from the start. Although the registration is very quick, there is much information one can add to their profile later.

If you want someone’s attention, personalize your profile to the full. First, inform users about the basics. Describe yourself, specifying your physical build, eye and hair color, and height. Indicate your sexual orientation and your ethnic background. Tell users about your education and where you work. You can specify your level of income if you feel it is relevant.

You know how dating site users can be picky, so tell them more. For this purpose, use the About Me section and tell everything else to underline your personality. You may write about your interests or a partner you want to find here, use your favorite quotes, or else.

When you have a shiny profile that will surely draw some attention, you can fully estimate the profiles of other people to find someone who is really close to you spiritually. This is a must for those who are hoping to build a committed relationship on Those who are up to something more casual can still find these details very beneficial.

Site and App Usability

The website is very thought-through. You will not miss any of the plentiful features because they are easy to discover and use. The organization and grouping make sense, so you can find whatever you need intuitively. Navigating gets even easier on an uncomplicated layout finished in blue and white colors. When one searches for users, the photos in the results are rather large and clearly visible. This all quickly makes a favorite website to hang out online for experienced users and newcomers of all age groups.

Though the desktop version is very handy and has no bugs, it is still not the best option to use on a mobile gadget. Cupid is not one of the platforms that only care about their income. They constantly think of their clients. So, they have come up with an app that will meet users’ highest expectations. A lot of dating website users ignore one of the versions, either mobile or desktop, because they don’t look alike. It is natural for a person to get used to a layout of the site they visit on a daily basis. This is why any changes evoke hard feelings in the loyal audience. And the striking differences between the full version and the app seem appalling to them. Cupid developers have taken this fact into account and made their app equally convenient for new users and desktop version fans. It, in fact, is an accurate copy of the website’s layout. Any feature you use in the full version can be found and used in the app without any effort. As an extra perk, this application uses your location to offer you some matches nearby. Feel lonely on a business trip? Have just relocated to another area? Don’t want to be alone on vacation? With this app, it doesn’t matter if you are in your home city or visiting any other place. You can find a date easily and meet for real.

Clients’ Reviews

I visited some dating sites before, and it worked out several times. I even had a couple of dates. But it all got quite boring after a while. At Cupid, I enjoy spending time on this site because it offers a lot of fun stuff and makes me wanna come back. I had no intention of finding a soulmate here, just some casual dates, but now, I feel I can do that. Cupid is the community of people, not just random strangers to browse through. The membership prices are very fair, in my opinion, so I recommend Cupid to everybody I know when I have a chance to. Mike (37)

Well, the site does have its pros and cons. As for me, the greatest disadvantage is that you can neither write messages to people nor read what they write to you if you are not a premium member. This way, you miss out on all the fun and feel like you must upgrade. I don’t think such pressure is a good start. It would be much more pleasant if one had a limited number of free messages a day, for example. But when I came to terms with the fact that I had to pay, I actually started to like being here. Guys are often nice and attentive. Profiles give enough info, and there are many opportunities to meet people from far away. Overall, I am quite satisfied with the service. Jade (28)

Why Upgrade to Cupid Premium: Paid Features and Prices is a paid website, and the team has never stated the opposite. So, there’s no surprise that using it for free is not very productive, although possible. We have already mentioned that free users can’t send or receive messages which minimize their communication tools.

Another feature only available for paying members is viewing all the photos in the profile. A free member can only see the first picture that is rarely enough to understand how a person really looks.

Premium members get to see who has viewed their profile and liked it. This is not just a matter of interest. Such feedback opens new search opportunities and introduces you to more users.

The prices for Cupid services aren’t high at all. We would recommend you to consider a longer period to subscribe. The monthly prices on 1-,3-,, and 6-month packages are considerably different. You spend $23.99 when you pay for a single month. A three-month membership costs $62.37 and saves you approx.$10. When you buy a six-month subscription, you save almost $50, paying only $95.94 for the whole period.

Hard to make this decision? Give Cupid a try and buy a three-day subscription. For only $2.97, you can enjoy the full range of Cupid features and make up your mind more easily.

You can also buy extra perks to get an exciting and unforgettable experience. This might be an incognito mode, going up in search results, allowing non-paying members to send you messages, displaying your photo in a larger size than those of other users, etc. Each of them will cost you $7.99; you can renovate any perk next month or try something new. Ever payment on may be processed via PayPal or credit card. is the site aiming at searching for matches for occasional dates and long-term relationships, facilitating communication, and creating families. Here, one can select a partner based on character and interests compatibility. When you fill out a personality test, the platform offers plenty of worthy candidates for dating. Site design and usability are top-notch. Upon signing up, you immediately get the impression that this is a reliable service. Cupid profiles are highly informative. The fact that this site is paid might be considered a disadvantage by some users who are not too familiar with the concept of online dating. In reality, this is a powerful precaution from numerous scammers seeking their victims on such platforms. The level of security on is much higher than that of so-called free services. Besides, it is nice to know what you will have to pay for beforehand. ‘Free’ sites promise to charge you for nothing at all, but it turns out that it is next to impossible to use them without paying later on. Cupid’s team is honest with their clients from the very beginning, which increases their trustability.

FAQ: Cupid General Info

FAQ: Cupid General Info

Are Cupid services free of charge?

No, they aren’t. The initial registration, building a profile, and viewing other users will cost you nothing. Chatting is free, too. But when you want to start a private conversation, you’ll find out that this is not accessible for non-paying members.

Can I trust

Yes. This is one of the longest-standing dating platforms that has, to a great extent, improved its security measures over the years. The company that owns it, NSI Holdings Limited, has a legal address. Your personal and billing information is secured from third parties. At the same time, everyone dating online should beware of scammers and their schemes. No matter how high firewalls are, no site can guarantee that they don’t have fake profiles of those of ill-intended people. If anyone seems suspicious to you, report them to moderators. Additionally, you can enable Safe Mode. This will make your profile invisible to free search, and only paying members will be able to find you.

Does it have a mobile application?

Yes, Cupid is effortless to use on the go thanks to their iOS app, available on AppStore for free.

Is there a Support Team?

Sure. Once you have any questions or issues, contact Cupid Support via email.

What if I forget to Pay for My Subscription?

This is next to impossible because has an automated renewal set by default for every new paying member. If you decide you don’t want to continue your subscription for any reason, turn it off in your account settings.

Are there any inactive accounts on

Apparently, there are some. But their number is minimal because, differently from some other services, every user can delete their profile. This may happen because one has found their soulmate on Cupid or just doesn’t want to stay around anymore. Anyway, this is easy, and no one forces you to stay on the website for years. That is why the percentage of inactive accounts is so low.