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Kasidie Review 2023

Kasidie Review 2023
About Site
Active Audience 62%
Quality Matches 92%
Popular Age 25-27
Profiles 1 450 000
Ease of Use 9.6
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Wide variety of Kasidie events – national, local, international;
  • Short-term hookups are available through Travel and Rendezvous features;
  • The user base is extensive.
  • The free account doesn’t allow you to see all profiles or read Kasidie review;
  • Hard to find the personality-driven questions;
  • Not that many people on Kasidie hookup want to chat.

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What We Need to know about Kasidie?

Kasidie Review - Complete Analysis of the Site, to Help you Get to Know it Better

Kasidie review says it is a dating site concentrated on the adult community. Kasidie provides ad-venturous singles and couples with an option to get in touch and meet in real life. It has a strong reputation for offering online space to people searching for ways to try their hidden sexual fantasies due to Kasidie review. Kasidie site actively advertises social events along with swinger parties. The erotic events are most popular here. The platform tries to encourage its users to search for friends who are ready to meet for a few drinks, go to movies or clubs, and have a pleasant conversation with you. Kasidie website aims at proving special features to help its members find tons of fun experiences faster. Have a closer look at Kasidie and discover all kinds of offers you may get here, and find out whether it is worth your time.

Is Kasidie a Legit Website?

The website is often called a social network for sexually active swingers. There are many nice features, messaging options, and events. It has a strict privacy policy, so you shouldn’t worry about any scam, you won’t have to deal with it. Kasidie is a modern and trustworthy platform.

Online Community

Kasidie Review - Complete Analysis of the Site, to Help you Get to Know it Better

The community of porn sites like this makes the site what it is. If there’s no community, well, you don’t have a swing buddy, do you? You would not like that! You can’t enjoy that kind of dance by yourself! So the fact that Kasidie offers so much to its community must mean that it has a great community, right? Well, for the first time in the history of these reviews, you’re right! Keep on reading this, Kasidie review! The Kasidie community is fantastic! It’s full of really curious couples and single women who love to have fun. There are many more women than men searching for new experience. They love to throw massive parties. They look like great people, and you’d really like to be a part of this team. The majority of users are from the USA but there are many international guests as well. The site inspires people to meet to fuck in real life, so don’t expect to see too much action in chat rooms.

Sexual Orientation of Kasidie Members

Alone or accompanied, Kasidie knows how to put you at ease. After brief account creation, leave the details of the profile, and start having fun. With its international experience, the debauchery site Kasidie goes far in its exhaustiveness. From your physique to availability, you will stop at the type of exchange practiced, counting no less than twelve proposals! The platform appreciates the multiple-choice, both in terms of practice and research. It’s open to people with any type of sexual preference. Most of the users are bisexual, ready to get the best of both worlds.

Kasidie Users Age

Your first impression is certainly the right one. Even if beginners are accepted on Kasidie, it goes without saying that the community is mostly made up of experienced libertines who know what they want. A kind of restricted community that is quite difficult for neophytes. The biggest age group on the platform is 25-34 years old when it comes to men. The female users are slightly older, 20% of them are between 35 and 44 years old. Do you run a spa, a shop, or a space dedicated to debauchery? Kasidie review offers you access to an area devoted to partners in the pleasure industry with many advantages. You will have the chance to appear in the vast directory of Kasidie site and take full advantage of the dynamism of this solid and friendly community.

Kasidie Sign-Up Process

The signup process on Kasidie is simple and won’t take much time. To fill out your profile on a libertine site, it is like an excellent dating site.

  • Import a photo from your computer or online gallery to your website profile. The only rule is that you are not allowed to upload photos of kids.
  • Fill in your sexual preferences: there, clearly, this is the most crucial part of your profile!
  • Clearly state your expectations and needs.

Remember, you’re not on an exam. And you have the right to decide whether to use the Kasidie questionnaire at the end of the signup process or not. There are 30-40 questions, but they were all created to help you and other members understand your sexual desires and needs.

Create Profile – Main Things

Kasidie Review - Complete Analysis of the Site, to Help you Get to Know it Better

Creating your Kasidie profile is very fast, as is your registration. In a few seconds, you will be able to navigate the site and start your research. The main thing you need to add is your sexual preferences. There is also a questionnaire that is extensive but fun. It will help you find people who are looking for the same kinds of adventures. You may be disappointed that some of the photos are blurred, the font is not very legible, and the menus are unclear. But it’s not something you should focus on. When you start to browse the site, its different features will mesmerize you. Kasidie offers its members a whole range of tools to get in touch with couples or solo members who are looking to have sex quickly. Don’t forget that you have an option to get a Certified Member badge. It will show other users that you are a real person and will increase the level of trust. You can get the badge by sending the email with your pictures to the Kasidie team or during some of the platform’s meetings. If this is your case, do not hesitate to register on Kasidie. As we will see next, this swinger platform has a few assets to highlight.

How Does Messaging Work on Kasidie?

Kasidie review claims its developers have created features that help users find people who share their idea fun and want to add some erotic spark to their lives. The unique features for communication on Kasidie are:

  • Events/Parties – where you may have a look at all the parties available in the preferred distance range. The details of international events are also available there;
  • Travel – you can share your travel ideas with other Kasidie members and even create a calendar, you may also find somebody who wants to travel and hang out in the same place;
  • Forums – you can chat about anything there, not only about sex;
  • Club Listings – here, the list of swingers clubs near you will be available,
  • Rendezvous – you can check to the meetups of the Kasidie community dates.

At first, you may think that the number of tabs you see is too big, but thanks to the simple interface design, you will soon master the Kasidie navigation.

Platform Options

Kasidie Review - Complete Analysis of the Site, to Help you Get to Know it Better

What about the search function, you wonder? Not only can you search by nickname (even the alluring keywords included in a member’s name may be relevant). You can also extend your search for your city across America. The strong point of Kasidie is still the filter. For example, variations of couples or single people are proposed, from bisexual women to groups of men. You can also refine your search by focusing on what others are looking for. To top it all, you will, therefore, find 12 types of communication offered in this interface! As a small bonus, there is a “miscellaneous” section where you will find the age of the Kasidie participants, but also their specificities. Free, certified, recommended. Isn’t it marvelous? Searching for profiles on Kasidie is intuitive and easy-to-handle. Therefore, you will be able to select or deselect without getting tired. You will never feel lost in the intricacies of big data here. The information that should be filled in profile allows the site to offer a very large quantity of sub-categories, which are very appreciated by swingers. Everyone will meet there! From simple messages to private live webcams for the paid version, communicating on the site is within everyone’s reach. Besides, the availability of a professional swinging world is beneficial for amateurs. It opens unsuspected doors for the most curious users.

Desktop Version

Quickly indicate if you are free tonight, and consult all the connected Kasidie mobile members, from your region or elsewhere. The top bar of Kasidie review reminds you of the number of emails received, the contacts collected, and the visitors to your profile. Finally, on the right, a complete menu allowing you to find in a dazzling left-click hot ones. You can see all the members available at New Year, or simply to filter all the interested parties wearing sexy lingerie. Kasidie not only goes to the basics but allows you to vary your pleasures according to your desires of the day, the minute, the second.

Is There Any Kasidie App Available

Kasidie’s mobile application is moving in the best possible direction. It is now putting himself at the level of the best mobile messaging applications, with the naughty little “twist” that helps it stand out among other swingers platforms.

Design of the Kasidie Platform

Kasidie’s design is perfect. This website feels nice to use and compliments the sexy nature of the site perfectly! Of course, they care about their community the way a swinger site needs and show that they care about having a polished platform. Kasidie is something refreshing in the world of crappy sex sites. All the buttons and features seem user-friendly. Even if you are not that good with technology, you will soon figure out what’s what. The only downfall is the profile page; you may think the questionnaires are too extensive.

Overview Site Navigation

To be able to take full advantage of Kasidie, you will need to subscribe. As a free visitor, you will quickly be limited in your options, and it is a shame because the possibilities are interesting. You can, for example, use the chat that puts you in direct contact with all the members connected. Unfortunately, not all of them respond, but you will generally manage to chat with a few subscribers right away. With a simple, slightly hot exchange of pictures and ideas, conversations offer their share of surprises! You will also be able to carry out reasonably precise searches according to your tastes. The results are there and in most medium-sized cities and big cities. It seems that Kasidie members are looking for naughty pleasures everywhere. Those who like to leave room for destiny will use the random announcement function, which offers you to discover profiles. The profiles are also quite informative, with the expectations of members and couples, physical descriptions, and recommendations from those who have had adventures with them. It is a nice feature, which allows you to get an opinion before starting a conversation. You will also be able to view members’ private photos, once registered. Finally, the menu on the right brings together various annex sections, ranging from the sexy lingerie shop to the private sites of some of the users.

Costs and Prices of Access

Kasidie Review - Complete Analysis of the Site, to Help you Get to Know it Better

To consult the profiles of other members, simply register on Kasidie for free. During certain hours, you can also send messages. This option is quite limiting since most of the visits to the platform happen in the evening. So be aware that if you have free access and a member sends you a message in the evening, for example, you will not be able to reply directly. To move upmarket, you can subscribe to the VIP access on Kasidie to take advantage of all of the site’s features. The price depends on the payment method you use and the duration of your subscription. Kasidie’s site offers affordable prices. You will have four options to become a VIP member and be able to enjoy the whole site is unlimited. For one month’s use, you will pay $ 19.95. If you take a 3-month Kasidie subscription, you will pay a total of $ 15, or $ 5 / month. The 6-month package will be available for the total price of $12.50. Finally, for a 12-month subscription, you will get an amazing reduction on the initial price, having to pay $ 0.90 / month (i.e., 60 euros in total). The prices are, therefore, very reasonable and very accessible. If you want to take advantage of these Kasidie VIP offers now, just go directly to the site.

What Are The Benefits of Paid Access?

Well, first of all, you can’t be a guest at Kasidie. You have to create an account to access swingers’ stuff in Kasidie. However, Kasidie dating homepage does a great job of telling what to expect when you enter this naughty swingers porn site. As a guest, you can find out all about what swingers crap is on this site, and there are plenty of things to sink your teeth into. You can view sexy photo albums from other swinger members, chat in sex chat rooms, forums, and even instant messages to other swingers. You can also find a huge list of swingers’ clubs and upcoming events! Of course, you can’t access any of this crap unless you’re a member, but Kasidie does a great job of telling you what you’re prepared for if you sign up. And what awaits you is a damn good time. Honestly, the shit you can do on this swinger site is fucking awesome. I would say this swinger site has a lot more activity than most, and that’s great because porn sites like these depend on their community to grow!

Subscription Cancellation

Unfortunately, partial refunds for terminations or cancellations prior to the subscription renewal are not available on Kasidie. However, these things will cut the possibility of any future renewals. If you have violated the rules of the platform or didn’t follow the website’s policy, your account will be terminated without any option to get a refund.

Payment Systems

The only option that is available to Kasidie users is Credit Card. Which makes this platform even more legit because scammers will not be able to participate.

Is Kasidie a Safe Platform

Kasidie Review - Complete Analysis of the Site, to Help you Get to Know it Better

You don’t have to use a real name in your profile. You may even block out or blur specific sections of your profile picture if you want your identity to be concealed. All chats are kept on the platform’s internal system. If you notice some suspicious members, you can always report or block them.

Were There Any Scam Cases on Kasidie?

No. Kasidie developers are working hard to protect their community and keep the decent amount of privacy.

Special Features of This Dating Site

Among Kasidie features you can find something unique. These ones from Kasidie review will make you stay spiced up: eXXXtra You can have a look at an extensive list of sex toys and other erotic stuff available on the platform. You don’t have to buy a subscription to use it. Travel If you are ready to travel to meet new people, you can share these plans here. You will also see other members’ plans. Club Listings There is an extensive list of party locations and events on the website. Any users can add new places to this list and comment on those that are already there.


Kasidie is probably the best swingers website you can find. There are tons of naughty chat rooms, ways to send messages to people, and much more on this swinger site. There are even secret events and communities here! One of the things you will like about Kasidie online is that it is little more than just a swingers site. They include many places and chat rooms where couples can meet and shit! However, they also have a massive list of swingers clubs that you should check out if you want a swing action! Kasidie indeed remains a severe contender in the vast world of swinger couples meetings.

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