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Positive Singles Review 2024 – Best Platform for People with STDs

Positive Singles Review 2024 – Best Platform for People with STDs
About Site
Active Audience 53%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 25-35
Profiles 1 500 000
Ease of Use 7.2
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • You can find the right person easily among the recommended matches by the Positive Singles dating system
  • You may filter the compatible matches and find people with the same disease
  • Dating advisor is always willing to help you
  • You can browse anonymously; Positive Singles platform has a strict privacy policy
  • You can not unlock the best features with payment
  • Video uploading is not available
  • As Positive Singles review has shown, the desktop version of Positive Singles has more features than a mobile application

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What Is Positive Singles?

Positive Singles was created for people with Herpes, HIV/AIDS, and other STDs searching for understanding and love. It has always been hard for those people to find enough support or trust, and Positive Singles makes it easier. A great number of features have been developed to help users move on and live their life without any borders. As it is stated in Positive Singles review, the community here is friendly and private, so people suffering from STDs should not worry or feel ashamed. The Positive Singles platform not only serves as an online dating website, but it also acts like some kind of social service providing a high level of support to each member. You can find your future spouse, which is cool, but what’s also important is the fact that you can get some useful medical information here. If you want to know more details about the Positive Singles specialty and system’s benefits, keep on reading this Positive Singles review.

What Is Positive Singles

Is Positive Singles a Decent Website?

The community of Positive Singles is friendly and open-minded. It will be easy for you to find a friend, a lover, or maybe your future partner. The platform aims to fight loneliness and discrimination of people suffering from health problems. There have never been any cases of scams on the service, even though Positive Singles has been active for more than 20 years. Respect of lots of users in Positive Singles re-view proves that this platform is legit.

What Members Are on Positive Singles?

All the members of the platform are trying to be proactive.There are many active discussions on the forums, as well as on the users’ profiles. They are inspiring each other, explaining that their STD doesn’t make them worse than any other healthy person. Not only friendship can be found on Positive Singles online, but also enough support. You should know that STDs are not the most popular topic for discussions. Here, people share their opinion on many things, for example, music, movies, religion or recent controversial new.

Positive Singles Sexual Orientation

There are thousands of users of Positive Singles. Its main purpose is to make everyone feel comfortable and safe. So there is no discrimination, and it’s easy to find a match not only if you are a heterosexual but also if you are gay or transgender. You don’t have to hide your true preferences here, according to Positive Singles review.

Positive Singles Users Age

There are all age groups among the Positive Singles members. The majority of users, though, are from 25 to 34 years old, 20% are women, and 9% are men. And 35-44 years old, with women leading again – 21% against 9% of men.

Positive Singles Registration Process

Positive Singles Registration Process

To sign up on Positive Singles, you have to fill out a special form. You will find it on the main page next to Positive Singles review. Then click on “find my matches.” You may select the age range, country, sexual orientation of both you and your potential partner, as well as his/her condition. You will find herpes type 1, herpes type 2, human papillomavirus, Hepatitis B, Thrush, Hepatitis C, HIV, Syphilis, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, or you can choose something that is not on the list. Then you may continue the registration process,adding your first name, username, email address, password, age, ethnicity, condition, country, zip code, height. Don’t forget to choose your relationship status. There is an uploading a pic option, but it’s not necessary. The final page consists of three questions: you can fill out the profile headline, write something about yourself (for which you will have 2000 characters), describe what you would like to find in your match. Once you complete all the steps, you will be redirected to your Positive Singles account page.You can now starten-joying the platform. You can complete your Positive Singles profile after the signup. Just head to the section with profile viewing/editing, add new photos, read the comments. Don’t forget to verify your account. You will also find 15 profile questions to help you find the right person. They relate to your lifestyle, appearance, and background. You can even select the answer you would like to see in your potential match’s profile. These questions will help you improve your website experience.

Profile Creation on Positive Singles

Profile Creation on Positive Singles

You can add up to 26 photos to your Positive Singles profile, both to public and private albums. You can select the distance range of your match, type of relationship you want to have, add your favorite movies and music genre, as well as your astrological sign, to make sure you are compatible with the person you find. You can create not only public but also private albums in your profile. You may verify your profile by adding a profile picture. This will increase your chances to be recommended to other users; you will get more views and messages. You can upload an introduction video only by copying the YouTube link. Only premium Positive Singles users can get access to advanced information, such as user’s activity, last time he/she logged in, etc..

Communication on Positive Singles

You can discover members easily browsing on the Positive Singles platform. Once you find somebody interesting, you can use email, live chats, or winks to communicate. You can access the active homepage to view recent activity of some members or update your status, Positive Singles review reminds Facebook news feed at some point. New photo uploads, comments on blogs, first date ideas, and other things will be added to the features on the news feed. Search by username, quick and advanced search are three of the main options. Using quick one,you can filter others by age, gender, location range. Paid advanced search allows you to add different filters such as body type or relationship status, you can use this for an unlimited amount of time. Username, main profile picture, ethnicity, location, age and STD will appear in members search results. The search results page will let you know if that user is currently online and decide whether to add him/her to favorites, wink, or add note to this user so that you could in touch later. You can see any member’s full profile clicking on him/her in your results list, you may also start a communication from there, ask this person out, or block this user. You can also find profiles related to that user and read all the comments on his/her profile, according to Positive Singles review.

Positive Singles Platform Benefits

Positive Singles Platform Benefits

Positive Singles has the advantages of being:

  • easy to use ;
  • quite complete even in freemium mode;
  • intuitive and ergonomic.
  • the app blocking options are easy to learn.


Users are quite satisfied with Positive Singles s. This application allows them to meet people from all walks of life. And to satisfy such a large community, the moderators are always on the alert. They are always on the alert and keep on tracking down false profiles. Active members applaud the speed at which false profiles detected and rude people are removed from the app. Positive Singles members feel safe when they meet. Even if most of the members come to find a partner or Positive Singles hookup, it is also possible to maintain only friendly relations. Recently, the app received a small update and a makeover.

Positive Singles Desktop Version

Positive Singles s is serious about having fake profiles remotely. That’s why it gives free credits to every new user who verifies their email address and then sends an authentic photo. Positive Singles asks the user to send his/her photo containing a note with his name and code, which is provided before verification. With that, they make sure to minimize the number of fake profiles, which is welcome, and in return, they give you free credits. These credits can be used later to perform various actions on the Web. Once inside and checked out, Positive Singles operation is fairly straightforward. You can use the website or mobile app. In principle, the two are similar, although the application has the advantage of being able to locate nearby people directly from your mobile each time you authorize the application to use geolocation services. The cornerstone of the Positive Singles app is the location camera, which will allow you to meet people close to you. The search can be partially personalized, defining the age range and the maximum distance that we want to search in addition to the person’s sex, of course. If you see someone you like, you can choose to click on the corresponding icon. If the other person does the same, you will be able to chat or exchange messages. The operation of the app and the web in this regard is similar. The only thing is that users who have not completed their profile will have access to certain restricted functions. Once you see someone you like, you can check their Positive Singles profile for more specific data about that person, both physical and taste and character. With all the information at hand, you need to decide whether you like this person or not.

Positive Singles Application

Positive Singles Application

Although the number of Positive Singles app downloads is not impressive, all the reviews are mesmerizing. Talking about design, the app is not different to desktop version. It is easy to understand the functions, and navigation is simple. All the essential features are present in the app. However, some things are available only on the website, for example, STD care locations map and health resources, or conversation with a live counselor.

Design and Usability of Positive Singles

The website’s aesthetic and organization are user-friendly and very pleasing. All the most important features can be found fast on the homepage so you will never com-plain about browsing. You may have some difficulties with the blogs/forums at first, but it will take up to 5 minutes for you to familiarize yourself with those things. The only downfall is the text’s size. If you are using the Positive Singles desktop version, it might be too difficult to read.

Positive Singles Features

The number of interesting features on the platform is quite impressive. The website’s creators tried hard to make the navigation process simple for the users. Here are some of the most exciting things: First date ideas This field is available in user’s profile. You can fill it out to let other members understand you in a better way. What you would have to state is your idea of a unique first date. There is a specific page on Positive Singles, which reminds the forum somehow, where all the members’ ideasare listed. You can have a look at them, find the best one, click on the profile of a user, and if you want, start chatting. It’s anamazing way of getting attracted to someone’s personality. Let’s meet In this section, you will get profiles recommendations and you can decide whether to swipe right or left. Swiping right means you like them, swiping left means the opposite. If a user likes you back, it’s a match. It reminds some fun game.After you’ve seen eighth profiles, you will get the notification that the round is finished. You have a choice, you may continue playing or have a look at the list of your matches. There are no limits. Don’t forget to check out the Community section, you will find many interesting options there, such as forums, blogs, “hot or not” game,users’ first date ideas. The rules of the game are simple -you will see one profile at a time, with just a picture and no additional info.If you want to show interest, press the Heart sign, if not, choose X. If you want to start a conversation right away, you can do that. The track of all the users you liked or those who have liked you is available on the platform. You can always see the list of your matches. If you want to try something unique, Positive Singles website will satisfy you. For example, it is possible to chat with a dating advisor to find out some personalized tips. You may check the STD care centers listread incredible stories that will inspire you, read about somebody’s treatment experience, and discover a STD Q&A page.

Positive Singles Prices

Positive Singles Prices

The prices of the paid version of Positive Singles are moderate. But you will unlock many more useful features with such subscription. You can subscribe for one month to test it, it will cost you only $29,95. But it’s better to but a 3-months or 6-months pack, that will cost you $59,95 and $ 95,95 overall, it means that the price for one month will be reduced.

If you want to narrow down the results of your search and find the best matches, use the additional paid services. The list of such options consists of search by location, the disease, search new users, system recommendations, that are based on the info in your profile, reverse and compatible matches. You can find the actions you took on the Positive Singles mobile platform in My Lists section. This subsection is well-organized, you will see users who viewed you, favorited you, winked at you, emailed you, chatted with you, liked your photos, chat-ted with you, wanted to have a look at your private album. Members added to your favorites and those with the access to your private album will also be listed there. If you want to switch to a hidden mode, you can easily do that on this website, go to the Settings section and choose which parts of your profile you should block or allow access to. This section is also paid but it allows you to do many cool things. For example, if somebody doesn’t meet some specific requirements, your profile will be hidden from them, as well as from people with some STD.

How and Why Should You Pay for Positive Singles

Positive Singles platform doesn’t have many payment options but the ones that are used there are the most convenient.

Paid subscription unlocks many great options:

  • You can start messaging;
  • Be on top of all the search results;
  • Use advanced search option;
  • Ask for advice from STD counselor;
  • Button for quick exit is also available.

Positive Singles Payment Options

You can choose between PayPal, Credit card or Cheque. If you but one-month subscription, keep in mind that it will be renewed automatically. 3-month and 6-month packages doesn’t have this kind of renewal. Transaction’s name in you billing will be not Positive Singles, but SUCCESSFULMATCH.

Is Positive Singles Safe?

Secure server software is used on the website to make sure commerce transactions will be secure for users. It encrypts financial information alone with the personal information as it is running on the Web, and this information is secured on its servers. The Digital Millennium Copyright Act («DMCA”) is also complied with the website. The Positive Singles application increases privacy providing an option to set a passcode.

s Positive Singles Safe

Is There Any Scam on Positive Singles?

17 years of experience in keeping people with STDs safe and building a friendly community make Positive Singles one of a kind. Of course, it’s hard to avoid scam and blackmail, but the customer service of the platform never wastes time and always take the required steps against people who seem suspicious.


PositiveSingles is an incredible space for people with STD who are searching for understanding. This social platform will not just help you build a friendship, or find a date. By signing up on this page, you’ll become a part of community of people who share something private and crucial and who are very proactive when it comes to-talking about their battles and encouraging other users. You won’t ever be treated like a disabled person here, only because you are living with STD. Not at all. Here, users talk discuss STDs like something ordinary that doesn’t need any bravery. Most of people have already learnt to live with it. You will never hear «suffer from» on the platform. If you are also living with any type of STD, consider Positive Singles website, it’s totally worth it.

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