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Fling Review 2024

Fling Review 2024
About Site
Active Audience 70%
Quality Matches 92%
Popular Age 20-21
Profiles 2 000 000
Ease of Use 9.5
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Extensive user base;
  • Comes with a three-month guarantee to get laid;
  • Very dynamic and exciting user interface;
  • Exciting features;
  • Fast customer support.
  • Lack of compatibility tests;
  • No matching system;
  • Site design can be overwhelming for newcomers.

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What Is Fling, Exactly?

Fling Review

Let’s get started with this Fling review. Fling is a site that acts as a destination for men and women of every sexual orientation and race to join for casual dating. Even though it can even be considered as a place to find a long-term relationship, Fling is primarily about summertime Flings and one night stands. Created in 2006, the site has grown in popularity in a very short span, and it now boasts of more than 40 million users from across the globe. Let’s see the entire Fling review we’ve prepared for you!

Is Fling a Scam or Legit Website?

Fling is definitely not a scam site. It is a legit destination where users will be able to come across several million individuals across the world. There are free and paid versions of the platform that help take advantage of several features. However, Fling is merely a place to connect to individuals, and it does not take responsibility for any actions taken by the members once contact has been initiated.

Info About Site Members

The members on Fling are largely from the United States, contributing around 3 million users on the platform. Most of the users happen to be men with around 30% female population. The site enjoys a large amount of activity every day, as around 100,000 users can be seen online. The site does have an option for seeking long-term relationships, but most of the content on Fling is all about helping hookups and casual sex.

Sexual Orientation on the Site

Fling is a great destination for meeting people with different sexual orientations in one place. All members on the platform happen to be very comfortable about sexuality, and they are not shy when it comes to showing their bodies in several pictures. The platform members are very open about different kinds of sexual experiences like BDSM, couple swinging, group sex, and more.

User Distribution Based On Age

Most of the members on Fling are between the ages 30 to 35. There is, however, a relatively higher female population in the age group of 35 to 44. Men are also quite profound in this age range. The number of females beyond 45 years of age decreases considerably with minimal action beyond 55 years and above. The same goes for men, who are largely predominant in ages from 25 to 54. Let’s now continue our Fling review.

Fling Registration and Login Process

Fling Review

The signup and login process at Fling is quite fast, as users need only around 60 seconds to open the account. The process begins with choosing the gender, sexual desires, age, password, email, and zip code. All users who open an account with the platform have to verify their email. This ensures the safety of the existing users. After logging in for the first time, users will be treated to a gallery with a lot of pictures. Depending on individual tastes, users can choose profiles that they like the most.

The users’ choices at this stage have a strong impact, as the site will use it to make match suggestions. The process of logging in is straightforward and uncomplicated, as users only need to come up with the email address and password combination used during the signup process. Even though one can also use the username and password combination, the former will be a lot easier to remember. It is a nice gesture that Fling provides the option of going with either one depending on individual preference.

Creating New Profiles

In terms of the profile data, Fling is quite comprehensive, with a lot of information being requested during the account opening phase. Several text fields are provided for this purpose, but users can also go with filling up the information at a later stage.

The data requested include height, body type, age, income, languages, profession, living arrangements, and more. Depending on the user’s comfort levels, they can provide more information about the keenness to experiment with new sexual ideas and more. It is possible to post pictures of the platform as long as the nudity levels are not excessive. The site allows nudity, but close up pictures of sexual organs are not allowed.

Contacting and Messaging

Several options are available for users who want to find a profile and initiate contact. One can search for profiles based on various parameters like new faces, popularity, online, or those that have already viewed your profile. The profiles can also be filtered based on advanced search options like appearance, compatibility, and more. Fling brings in the advantage of being able to communicate through different means rather than just a regular messaging platform. For example, a user will be able to start the video call feature to take the interaction to the next level.

The filtering can be done in such a way that users can look at profiles that are currently active in a video stream. The user will receive a notification when they have received a message. This is possible even if the member has not picked up the premium package. However, they will not be able to read the message unless they pay for membership. Similarly, it is not possible to send messages to other users on a free membership.

Closer Look at the Platform & Usage

Fling Review

Desktop Version

The desktop version of Fling is very straightforward with its design, but some may think that it is lackluster. Since the site happens to possess many features, it will always be cluttered if an elaborate design was adopted. However, the simple design makes it easy to compress most of these features without looking cluttered. The interface is packed with a lot of pictures, but there is a top navigational bar that will allow you to jump to different sections with just a single click.

Mobile Application

The lack of a mobile app is a big disappointment with Fling. However, this is not the end of dating on the go. Fling has an excellent mobile site that can be used from any normal mobile browser. It is not too different from the desktop site.

Design and User-Friendliness

Creators have focused on the design and usability of this dating site. Fling manages to hit a sweet spot in terms of being usable and pleasing at the same time. The design adopted by Fling is not groundbreaking, but it can do the job.

The site features a lot of explicit videos, racy pictures, and several ways to meet individuals. Even though the site manages to house many features, it is effortless to find every one of them. Many customization options allow users to modify the site as they would prefer. For example, it is possible to decide if the user to see the explicit videos or not. The design has been done so that users can like the pictures and look at various profiles – in an Instagram-manner.

Fling Review

Any user who comes into the platform first time will be able to navigate around without much difficulty. The site’s initial appearance will be overwhelming due to a large number of available pictures on the homepage. However, it does not get a lot of time to get used to the interface, which is actually quite simple and customizable.

The top navigational bar remains the key on the Fling site, as it is extremely informative. There are annoying aspects of the design, like the presence of a scrolling list of pictures that will lead users to the profiles. However, it is possible to find this feature. There is a search bar that can be very useful in finding other members, but it is tiny. Once the user gets used to the platform, they will be able to spot the search without any difficulty frequently.

Fling Membership Costs

One has to remember that Fling is not a free platform. There are various levels of membership that provide access to the features designed to find more individuals, initiate contact, and start dating. The paid membership will cost $ 34.95 monthly. If the user decides to go for a six-month membership, the price comes down to $ 11.65 for the entire contract, which translates into $ 1.94 per month. For users who opt for the 12-month contract, the monthly price comes to $0.56, and it translates into a total cost of $6.67. One can also pick up a trial version for just $ 0.95, and it will be valid for two days, while a seven day trial period will cost $9.94.

Fling Review

The free membership comes with very few capabilities since users can only open an account and create a profile. They will also be able to upload pictures. Other functionalities for a free member would be to see profiles that have shown an interest. However, it takes a paid membership to initiate contact. A paid membership is required even to visit the other member profiles. Once the premium membership has been purchased, users will also be able to initiate video calling with other members. They will also be allowed to pick up goods from the sex shop. There are cam chats that have live girls, and participation becomes a possibility with a paid membership.

How To Make Payments

There are two major ways of paying for the paid membership – Credit card and PayPal. For those who go with the former, the information on the statement will not be displayed as Fling, and it will be concealed smartly. The inability to use many other payment options can be a disappointment for some. Still, the opportunity to go with discreet billing makes credit cards as the preferred payment option on this platform.

Payment Methods

The process of paying for Fling begins with choosing the preferred membership plan. Once this has been identified, the user can proceed into the payment method. It is up to the user to complete the payment using the chosen payment on the third-party site. Let’s now move on with our Fling review.

Safety and Security Measures at Fling

Fling Review

The safety and security process is handled by a profile review team, which is available 24/7. This team makes sure that users on the platform do not abuse others and pose a threat to other members. The site also has a strong privacy policy that prevents the sale of data stored on its servers. The data can range from personal information to just the email address. Fling makes sure that this data is not sold or shared with third parties. If a user wants to pick up a paid membership on the platform, the payment gateway is made secure since only authorized sales agents are allowed. The entire site happens to be secured by Norton to prevent any instance of hacking or other misuses.

Is There a Scam?

Fling is a reputed site with more than 40 million members from different parts of the world. It is by no means a scam. All members on the site choose to go with a free or paid membership as per their preference. The platform has a review team to monitor fake profiles and scammers constantly. However, users are responsible for their own safety on dating platforms.

Key Features of the Site

Fling Review

Certain key features of Fling can help users extract the maximum out of this dating site. They are:

Video Chat

This feature can be immensely helpful when users are not satisfied with the text chatting alone. It allows interacting with the other member in a more modern way, as video chatting has become the norm on most occasions. The likelihood of engaging in video sex is also quite high, considering that it is primarily about finding casual sex or hookups.

Live Girls

There is a partnership between Fling and a live cam site that ensures a cam room’s availability, where users get to interact with girls of their desire. A free member will only see the basic information about the room and some preview pictures. A premium member can chat with girls and come up with requests. However, this is a premium service where rates are charged by the minute.

Sex Shop

Like the cam site partnership, Fling has a partnership with a retailer involving online sex toys. The shop on this platform will provide access to a range of materials like sex toys, adult DVDs, adult apparel, and more. Many exclusive promotional offers are available for Fling members. Any purchases made on the shop will be kept discreet in the credit card statement. Enough features for this Fling review? Not really. There’s more!

3-Month Guarantee

Fling is very confident about the success rate on this site. A measure of this confidence is the availability of a three-month guarantee available to all paid members. Once in membership has been initiated, this guarantee will also kick in. It will provide a member with a free subscription for three months if a hookup has not been found inside the original membership period.

Who’s Cute

This is a rating service on the Fling site that allows its users to provide a rating for other members depending on their body type and physical appeal. Depending on the rating that a member gets, they would have different levels of visibility to their profile. A profile with high ratings will enjoy higher visibility, increasing their chances of finding a successful date.

Premium Content

Fling is not just great when it comes to dating, casual sex, and hookups. It can also be a platform for making money, as this feature lets a user do the same. One can post videos and pictures to sell the same for interested users. The content can be foreplay, solo play, or even amateur sex.


Fling Review

Fling is not a platform meant for everybody, as it is not ideal for finding a long term relationship. However, this can be a great destination when the user is trying to explore their sexuality. There are plenty of avenues to express different sexual ideas without being judged. The opportunities to find casual sex or is also quite high. The site is also very confident about finding hookups that it comes up with a guarantee. If it is not met, users will be able to get a free membership for three months without any cost. The biggest downside of the platform is the lack of many options for a free member. Anyhow, you should give it a try!

We hope this Fling review was useful to you!

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