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The League Review 2024

The League Review 2024
About Site
Active Audience 51%
Quality Matches 92%
Popular Age 21-23
Profiles 1 900 000
Reply Rate 90%
Ease of Use 9.8
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • With its intensive vetting process, all the members are guaranteed real
  • High-quality matches
  • Packed with innovative features
  • With a downloadable mobile app
  • The membership fee is expensive.
  • Hard to get in
  • Few numbers of matches a day

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What is The League?

The League Review 2020

You probably had experience with an online dating website before. We know the feeling. It is frustrating because you cannot find the one. Maybe because the sites you have been to are not overflowing with matches who are as intelligent and career-minded as you. That’s the reason why you are here. You want to know if you can find your ideal partner in The League.

This The League review has all the details you need if you can find your match here, or it’s just another dating website that is a waste of time.

The Real Deal About the League

According to The League review, it is different from you running off the mill dating website because it offers exclusivity. Today, the online dating scene is like a zoo. There are lots of fake profiles, incomplete information of the members, and low-quality matches. It is fun but also depressing. Many find it a waste of time.

What The League has done is to present an option with high-quality matches and limit the membership to the most eligible people. It may sound elitist, but that is what this website is—an elite version of the dating apps available on the internet.

The League was created in 2015. According to its CEO and Founder, Amanda Bradford, the website is born out of her frustration with online dating websites. Her purpose was to simplify the experience by giving higher quality matches.

The website provides a platform of highly-curated and exclusive membership for a certain class of professionals who have no time to browse through uninteresting profiles that others have. These people are ambitious, career-driven, and too busy changing the world to be spending hours sifting through piles of garbage to find a date.

The League is a niche dating site for individuals who value intelligence and ambition over what others find more important to them.

The League’s Elite Members: Structure

The League Review 2020

Most of the members here are in finance, consulting, or tech. The key to becoming a member here is successful at whatever you are in.

Hence, it considers the applicant’s education and background in its screening process. The League’s moderators will dissect your LinkedIn profile before you could get in. There is nothing more real than that.

Its members are mostly from the US. The website mentioned that it is in 60 cities right and is adding more locations this year. It is also launching in major cities outside of the US, including Sydney, Melbourne, Dubai, Mumba, Budapest, Hong Kong, and Manchester in the future.

It is a member’s only dating website. As such, they have fewer members compared with other online dating websites. But as mentioned, it’s the crème de la crème of the singles crop. These members are high-powered professionals.

Sexual Orientation Explained

The League review states that this site focuses on the young generation, and it’s a platform mainly for straight people. You can also find gay people around, but there are only a few. As explained below, it’s tailored mostly to young professionals, and it doesn’t emphasize what kind of sexual orientations are found predominantly on the website—but this should not stop you from trying it.

The strict application process of The League allows it to scrutinize the applicants according to their age, diversity, among others. Right now, there is no available data about the percentage of its members according to their gender. But our intelligent guess is they come close to a 50-50 contribution as the members are carefully vetted.

Age Distribution Info

The League Review 2020

The League is known for targeting young urban professionals, so it comes as no surprise that its members’ median age is 28. Most of them are straight (95%) and have a college degree (99%). It is also claiming a 10-20% rate of acceptance for its applicants. Lately, it allows people who are over 40 to sign up, so the average age of its members may have gone up.

How to Become a Member at The League

The League is known for its exclusivity and has high standards for its members.

With that being said, the registration process at this dating up is not simple. Not everybody could get in, and only the moderators have a say whether you are in or out. This intense screening solidifies the reputation of the app as an exclusive dating website. Well, getting in is such a status symbol because it’s like getting into a club full of successful people. And being one of them means that you have the credentials.

The application process starts with your Facebook or LinkedIn account. It has to be linked to your account to check your identity. However, linking your social media account does not guarantee that you are already in. Instead, that will land you a spot on the waiting list.

What The League does after this is to examine your social media accounts and to see if your qualifications are the right fit for a member. One factor that could get you in is if you have lots of connections and friends at your Facebook and LinkedIn accounts. Not only that, your profession, education, and the social circle you move around are part of the considerations too.

The waitlist to get in is unbelievably long. In the US alone, about 100,000 people are waiting to get approved. Yes, getting into this club is like a competition, and if you think that you are qualified to be a member, so are the rest.

There is another way to skip the linking of your social media account during your application. But you need to pay the expensive membership fee. Yes, you have to pay for the privilege. It also expedites your application process to same-day processing. However, rumor has it that paying a hefty fee does not guarantee that you will be in.

Another approach to get behind the velvet rope is through an endorsement from a member of The League. Again, you will not be automatically a part of the club, but at least it makes your application process easier.

Along with your application, you are also required to submit six photos of yourself. Why so many photos? The site wants an idea of what you look like and not from the filtered photos on your Facebook.

Signing up is a bit of a hassle, but that’s how it is with this website. The screening guidelines are a bit vague, but reading between the lines of its founder’s statements, the few factors are a professional success, being attractive, and interesting. If you are good looking but not have much money, you could probably get in. Likewise, if you are successful and interesting, but not photogenic, chances are you are going to make it.

How to Be the One

The League Review 2020

It’s time to talk about putting together your profile. You can start by uploading photos on your profile. Say goodbye to your iPhone or DSLR photos. The League requires professional HD shots. As the Harvard of dating apps, it needs nothing but the best.

The information needed on a standard League profile is almost the same as other dating websites. It needs basic information like height, religion, interests, and ethnicity. The user can also write a short bio to introduce themselves eloquently. That’s about 140 characters, and you should not skip this part because the moderators want to know if you are serious about finding a partner.

When creating their profile, the user has to remember this app’s core values, which is to match successful and intelligent people of the same interests. Their bio should be able to hit those notes. You also need to set your criteria for an ideal partner. These include the age range, gender, distance, ethnicity, religion, height range, and education.

Again, creating the profile does guarantee that you’ll be automatically in. You are still on the inevitable waitlist at this point. But applicants with complete profiles are prioritized over those that don’t.

To know whether you are in or out is simple. You will receive a notification if you do not make the cut. When you are accepted, you will receive 3-15 ‘prospects’ daily. The number of matches will depend on your membership.

How to Connect at The One

The League Review 2020

While the website is secretive about how the League’s algorithm works, it is loyal to its values. The app’s main goal is to match career-driven individuals who have no time on their hands to look for a date. In short, the site wants to create power couples. Everything centers on this, and the app is very selective. And with the strict vetting process, the applicants are down to a lesser number of members to match with. That’s the reason why there are few matches per day. These are called ‘prospects,’ and its numbers will depend on the status of your membership.

Members who like one these daily matches and he or she liked your profile back; you will receive a Home Run notification. As the natural progression of things, the person who received the notification should send the first message. However, this is not a rule. The user can swipe left or right, and when the likes are mutual, it will open to the messaging platform.

The match can last up to 21 days and will expire if none of them will initiate messaging. If there is a conversation, but it has not been active for 14 days, it will also expire. There is a possibility for a rematch in the future, though.

If the user is no longer interested in their match, they can click X on top of the profile then choose ‘Expire’ to unmatch. He or she should state the reason why.

Just be careful when you are doing this, it can affect your League score. It can go from ‘Not Flaky’ to ‘Semi Flaky’ or ‘Flaky’ when you are doing this often. The matches are carefully curated to hasten the match rate, particularly for those who are looking for a serious relationship.

The website’s algorithm adheres to what you have set on your criteria for an ideal partner. Therefore, if what you’re asking for is very specific, there might be fewer to no matches for you.

If the user is on this dilemma, they can purchase League Tickets to boost their profile. Meaning your profile will show up to another 50 users with your preferences.

Another exciting way to enhance your online dating experience at The League is The League Live. It is a feature that allows singles to have 2-minute video dates. It is regularly scheduled on Wednesdays and Sundays at 9 PM in some selected cities.

If opt-in, the user is selected and is allotted with a 2-minute live conversation with three potential matches. These matches are selected based on location and preferences. The conversation will have an icebreaker at the beginning to help you get going. You can also tap the heart icon to show that you like the person.

Here, if there’s a mutual selection between the matches, the messaging platform will open to make further conversation.

The League Live is free for now and is open to both paying and free users. However, The League Members are given priority during the matching process. And members with low League scores (remember this) will not have access to it.

This video date provides authenticity and helps members get to know the person before investing time on their first date.

The League Platform

The League Review 2020

The League platform is quite enjoyable to use. It has a clean interface that suits its professional image.

The Desktop Version

The desktop version is not something you’ll find in other online dating websites. It’s polished and very modern but easy to use. It speaks about its niche market, modern and classy, with a little hint of exclusivity.

The App Version

The mobile app is not free and a little costly. Its interface is similar to mobile versions of other dating sites, with thoughtful and elegant typography and layout. It is easy to navigate and nice to look at and will know how to use it after a few minutes of logging in.

Design and Usability

With the app’s high price point, The League delivers what you expect from it. It has a clean, pristine design and looks expensive. If there is a contest for dating apps design, it is a clear winner. The League vested them all with its sleek and minimalist design, with colors along of black, white, turquoise, and gold. Its fonts are elegant but clean too.

The League Review 2020

The League is easy to navigate, even if its members know their way in the net. All of its buttons are simplified and neatly organized. It is designed to make the user experience simple and intuitive.

The League Costs and Prices

The registration on the website is free. But you can upgrade the membership to the following:

  • Member $29/ month, one-time annual payment
  • Owner $83/ month, one-time annual payment
  • Investor $999/ month, monthly payment

Free Services

‘Guest’ members can enjoy the following services:

  • Create their profiles with photo
  • Search and leaf through the profiles
  • Send ‘friend requests.’

Paid Services

  • Expedited application
  • VIP passes
  • Customization of profiles
  • League Tickets
  • Advanced searching and matching
  • Priority at the customer services

Payment Options

The League Review 2020

Users can only pay for upgrades and League tickets via credit card. The prices are available in USD, and there are no refunds.

Payment systems

The website only accepts credit cards as a form of payment, and the payment process is easy. The billing is automatically renewed, but members can cancel them anytime. However, as stated above, you cannot ask for a refund.

Safety & Security

The League is straightforward when it comes to their privacy policy. They don’t hide the fact that they collect the users’ data and use them. In terms of their security policy, there are no clear statements on how they protect their uses. But they have stated that they are taking the necessary steps for their user’s security. With everything that’s been going on in the internet, there is no 100% guarantee of your safety.

Controversies Involving The League

There are no reported scams about the website. You will not encounter racism and discrimination based on ethnicity on this site. Therefore, you can register here.

Special Features

In our The League review you can know about the following special features of this website:

  • League Tickets – Members can purchase League Tickets to boost their profile. It can also help you find a suitable date for yourself.
  • League Owner – For members you have enough money to spare, they can upgrade their membership to a League Owner. You can get all the membership privileges plus more, including VIP passes.
  • League Groups – There are groups in The League where members can form clubs and discuss their interests.


The League Review 2020

Our The League review confirms that there is no doubt that membership to this exclusive dating site is highly coveted with a long list of candidates vying to get in The League to meet successful and rich partners. The notoriously difficult vetting system, the matching process, and the carefully designed website, everything about it are unique to The League.

Of course, getting a partner according to your standards comes with a price, but if you have enough cash to burn, why not spend it on an intelligent website. The League is worth money.

We hope our The League review will help you to make the right choice!

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